Yankuang light alloy employees developed a portable aluminum pipe grinding machine

Yankuang Light Alloy Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of “grasping the big and not letting go” and uses the “double-creation” activities as the carrier to solve the problems that restrict production. It is a focal point for innovation and research and development of portable tube inner wall grinding machines, which will effectively improve product quality.

It is understood that high- and low-voltage electrical appliances used in large-diameter aluminum alloy extruded aluminum pipes have high electrical conductivity and high thermal conductivity. They are the company's dominant products. Such aluminum pipes require a very high quality of the inner surface. After normal extrusion, It is also necessary to further polish the inner surface before putting it into use. In view of the problems of long pipe length, poor general sanding effect, and large internal metal dust, the company is led by the functional departments. The company conducts on-site inspection, data analysis, detailed analysis, and combines actual conditions to cut, weld, reinforce and increase aluminum scrap. The wheel is designed to make a portable pipe grinding machine by adopting a movable base, a folding push rod, and an interchangeable grinding head combined splicing method. The grinding machine is easy to carry, simple in operation and strong in applicability, and it can be used to polish pipes of different specifications and different lengths in different regions.

The cost of this "small invention" was only 1,000 yuan, which greatly improved the quality of the inner surface of the pipe and reduced the labor intensity. It increased from 1 to 6 per hour per person. Nearly 50 pieces can be ground more each day. The efficiency is improved. About 6 times. (Michao Xie Yaming)

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