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Yifei Shu, whether it is in the planning and design, household products, and product ideas, all with high standards to create a model of a fully-furnished house.

The architectural style of this case is an elegant and elegant European neo-classical. In the style of interior design, in order to reflect the characteristics of modern people and pursue spiritual content, we are never antique or retro. From the complicated decoration, the designer conceives more subtle and concise lines with warm and elegant decoration, which makes the classic beauty penetrate the years and live in our side.

As a fully-furnished room, focusing on the customer's personalized life allows different customers to create their own exclusive space, which is a highlight of this design. We have to deal with various owners with different backgrounds and different preferences and different lifestyles. They have to face the same living space. How do we allow owners to manage their own lifestyle living space in the future is what we want to solve. ..

The PR&A design creates a dynamic design concept that means the ever-changing state is a style that is not limited to specific content. It is a style that can show personality better.

Therefore, the unique form is to create a central stage of space, but the protruding elements do not stop at the straightforward expression. Everyone can have their own insights and insights... Each owner can create his own according to his own insights and insights. Personality space.

Metallic finishes with a strong, balanced texture are complemented by a simple but rich and elegant furniture and simple decorative style in the background of a white wood finish.

Elegance and harmony are the main features. The white background makes the space generous and generous, and the stylish colors become the dynamic engine and rendering power in the space.

Each of us is an artist. Often ignoring the arts around us because of the trivial life, our goal is to provide an art stage that is within reach, a relaxed and romantic lifestyle.

Our stage provides space for the owners to fully imagine, according to their own personality and different life experiences and lifestyle, build their own art space......

The artistic, unique, elegant and luxurious soft furnishings design is also meticulously presented by the PR&A Group.

From the overall to the local, or deliberately left blank, or meticulous; through classical and stylish furniture, through the geometric lines of intertwined stitching into different patterns, creating elegant and elegant sense of rhythm; simple but not lack of "satisfaction" of the line Produce crafted craftsmanship; rich rhythm furniture style and stylish colors and structures, showing a rich artistic atmosphere.

The functional space starts from the emotional meaning of the family, and is separated by movement and separation, with clear division of functions .

Basement floor layout BFLayout

Basement family leisure and entertainment and housekeeping space, enjoy the relaxation of life. Designer

Make full use of natural daylight and natural ventilation.

1F's main functional areas include passengers, restaurants and guest rooms, mainly for reception and family dining functions. Fully consider the daily life habits, relatively independent entrance, storage, free conversion of Chinese and Western kitchens and other humanized designs.

A floor layout 1F Layout

2F's functional areas are children's rooms and elderly rooms. The grandparents and grandchildren share the same floor and enjoy the grandchildren's happiness. With the setting of the water bar, life is more convenient.

2 floor layout 2F Layout

The place where the 3F owner rests and learns is a complete personal space for the men and women.

3F Floor Plan 3F Layout

Large main bathroom, wet and dry separation, toilet hidden design, more private space.

Master Bathroom rendering

The attic, children's entertainment and learning space are also the creative space for the hostess. It is also a parent-child zone and a memory space for children's growth.

Loft layout Layout Loft Layout

PR&A joins hands with Italian top brands Moda, Longhi, Barover & Toso, OAK, Magis, etc. to open up an exquisite life of personalized customization.

Modà is a company with a history of 50 years, outstanding traditions and great international influence. Pure Italian carving craftsmanship, combined with selected materials and innovative techniques. Dealing with the details of each product is the biggest difference between the Modà brand and other brands, making it more recognizable.

Modà is a brand reminiscent of the past but fashionable and unconventional lifestyle concepts. Modà gives a new interpretation of modern luxury, luxury is a way of life, but also a trend. Luxury is full of personality and can create a personalized living space. This coincides with the designer's "consistent" with the design concept of this case. A variety of furniture items were created by the Modà artists for this case, mainly acrylic paints, and hand-painted with a variety of modern technologies.

Born in 1940, LONGHI is a representative brand of luxury, exquisiteness and elegance in Italian luxury furniture. It is an outstanding performer of neo-classical furniture. Whether it is precious marble, metal, leather or fabric, LONGHI can make them perfectly combined and present a low-key elegant texture, interpreting “luxury” as an aristocratic temperament distributed from the inside out.

Longhi “Amadeus” exquisite handmade ceramic craftsmanship with a perfect combination of metal and leather, the extreme collision of marble and copper.

OAK is located in Cantù, the heart of the “Made in Italy” BRIANZA region. Relying on its professional designers and craftsmen, the OAK brand combines the time-honored hand-made tradition with the modern business model. Due to its meticulously crafted furniture products and strict quality control, it has now become one of the leading brands in the world's classical furniture industry, bringing luxury life experience and Italian manufacturing charm to more than 30 countries.

The world's top handmade crystal lamp brand Barovier & Toso, which has a history of more than 700 years, is currently the 24th generation. Its works are collected by many world-class museums including the Louvre Museum. Barovier & Toso is also featured in boutique flagship stores such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Dolce & Gabbana.

MAGIS's products are lively, avant-garde, and show fun and interesting brand characteristics. Always aiming at surpassing and leading the mainstream market, MAGIS has a large number of leading creative ideas from top international designers and places its products at the forefront. Formerly known as plastic furniture, it gradually turned to the exploration of higher technology synthetic aluminum, stainless steel sheet and die-casting metal combined with high-tech will be engaged in mass production of furniture and daily necessities.

The Magis brand has been named the "ten people who can change our lifestyles" by Wallpaper, an authoritative international fashion magazine. And Magis's products are actually creating a frenzy among world-renowned celebrities and loved ones.

MAGIS me too is a furniture designed by MAGIS for children aged two to six. It is the first time children's furniture has been on the international design stage.

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